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5 week abortion: ending pregnancy one week after your missed period


Now that there are early pregnancy tests, it is possible to end a pregnancy only one week after you have missed your period.  In a doctor's office, they would say you are "five weeks pregnant" because they are counting from the first day of your last menstrual period.  This means that you conceived about three weeks ago.

At Early Options, we specialize in ending very early pregnancy.  The Abortion Pill and the non surgical SofTouch® Aspiration Procedure both work well for pregnancies 5-9 weeks.  Abortion clinics will some times will make you wait until you are 7 weeks pregnant.  This is because they recommend surgical abortion.  Unlike Early Options, abortion clinics do not tend to offer specialized care in early abortion services. 

Like many women, you may be relieved at the idea of ending a pregnancy so early.  You may have known immediately that you weren't happy to be pregnant when you saw that positive pregnancy test.  If this is the case, there is no need to wait.  It can be relieving to end the pregnancy before you start feeling pregnant.  Many women feel reassured to end the pregnancy knowing that it is not yet viable and that there is no embryo. 

As we say at Early Options, "The decision is the hard part.  Not your medical care."  Most women who come to Early Options choose the SofTouch® Aspiration Procedure.  This is a small (quiet) handheld device that is used to bring down your late period.  Compared to surgical abortion, there is no scraping, no (loud) electric suction, and no sharp instruments.  It has some advantages over the Abortion Pill.  It is completed in one visit (instead of two).  There is minimal cramping and bleeding.  It is nearly 100% effective.

Some women opt for the Abortion Pill, especially if they do not have the option of the SofTouch® Aspiration Procedure.  At 5 weeks of pregnancy, the Abortion Pill is an excellent option.  The tissue in a a 5 week pregnancy is about twice your normal menstrual period.  Generally at this stage of pregnancy there is much less bleeding. 

Below is an ultrasound image of a 5 week pregnancy, and the actual tissue of a 5 week pregnancy removed with an SofTouch® Aspiration Procedure. 

Ultrasound of a 5 week pregnancy:

5 week pregnancy ultrasound

Actual 5 week pregnancy tissue:

5 Week Pregnancy Tissue