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How to Induce a Miscarriage


You may have recently found out that you are pregnant.  You may know that the time is not right for you to have a baby.  You may be wondering about the most natural abortion methods, and whether it is possible to induce a miscarriage.  Is there a way to help your body to spontaneously pass the early pregnancy?

At Early Options, the most simple way to induce or treat a miscarriage is with the SofTouch® Aspiration Procedure.  This simple method removes failed or unwanted early pregnancy tissue in a few minutes.  The procedure takes place in a comfortable private examination room (not an operating room).  It is similar to getting your yearly pap test.  The Aspiration procedure is considered a non surgical procedure because there is no cutting or scraping.  It simply causes a natural release of the early pregnancy tissue.

How is the SofTouch® Aspiration Procedure completed? The doctor gently inserts a speculum so that she is able to see the cervix. She then inserts a thin tube (thinner than the size of a pencil) through the natural opening of the cervix.  One end of the tube is in the uterus, and the other end extends out from the vagina.  The doctor then attaches a small handheld device.  It creates a soft suction that naturally induces the miscarriage.  The early pregnancy tissue is released from the uterus, without causing damage or scarring to the wall of the uterus.  Recovery from the procedure takes only a few minutes.  Women are able to leave the office and resume their normal activities. 

How does the Abortion Pill induce a miscarriage?  Unfortunately, most women do not have access to a doctor who performs the Aspiration Procedure correctly.  The abortion pill, the combination of mifepristone and misoprostol is the most effective way to cause a miscarriage with medications.  Mifepristone blocks the hormones of pregnancy from working.  This causes the early pregnancy tissue to detach from the wall of the uterus.  24-72 hours later, you take misoprostol.  Misoprostol causes the uterus to contract, and the cervix to dilate, helping the uterus to naturally expel the tissue. 

Can Cytotec alone induce a miscarriage? Some women only have access to misoprostol (Cytotec) and do not have access to mifepristone.  Cytotec alone can be fairly effective in inducing a miscarriage.  In fact, Cytotec is used to treat miscarriages or failed early pregnancy.  Cytotec abortion is less effective if you take only one dose.  Some women need to repeat the Cytotec every 12 to 24 hours, for 3 or 4 doses, to induce the miscarriage.  The problem with Cytotec is that it can cause serious birth defects.  If the abortion fails, you must find another method to end the pregnancy.   

Can herbs induce miscarriage?  At Early Options, we don't offer herbal abortion since the SofTouch® Aspiration Procedure and the Abortion Pill are so much more effective.  However, we see many women who have attempted herbal abortion and have had it fail.  We then use the Aspiration Procedure to complete the miscarriage process.  Unfortunately, using herbs to induce a miscarriage can cause significant cramping and bleeding.  There is usually only a 50% rate of effectiveness. 

What is Menstrual Extraction?  Menstrual extraction was the original device used in the 1970's to induce miscarriage.  The name says it all - it "extracts" the late menstrual tissue. Menstrual extraction is really the earlier version of the SofTouch® Aspiration Procedure (a.k.a. Manual Vacuum Aspiration).  Menstrual extraction has interesting political roots.  Women used to perform the procedure on each other so that they were not victims of a medical system that did not support their choices.  They even used it to "extract" their periods before going on vacation, or to treat heavy periods. 

Many women find the idea of inducing a miscarriage to be helpful in their decision to end an early pregnancy.  In fact, one in three normal pregnancies ends in miscarriage.  These natural methods allow women to end the pregnancy before it develops, and before they know that it is viable.  Like a natural miscarriage, the pregnancy was just not meant to be.  The time wasn't right.  All methods to induce miscarriage do not interfere with future pregnancies.  In fact, with all of these natural methods, you can start trying again as soon as your next cycle.